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What We Do

What We Do

Our main goal and passion at IMAGEMAKERS is to offer timeless, yet stylish and functional corporate wear to empower businesses and their employees. We also want to make the selection and ordering process as seamless as possible. This makes it easy for you to choose and receive the attire that will set your company apart from the rest. Find out how to order.

Why Should You Care?

Appearance in the corporate world is paramount and often an indirect reflection of your company’s values, work ethic, integrity and even accountability. When it comes to deciding what to buy and wear each day, the right work wear can also save time and costs. View more benefits.


The stylish, convenient and cost-effective way to approach corporate wear.

IMAGEMAKERS has curated a wide range of corporate wear collections for companies to choose from. The complementary garments in each collection, consisting of matching colours and prints, are all easy-wear and easy-care for optimal comfort and convenience.

Each range offers male and female garments, for example suits, shirts, blouses, skirts and dresses which can respectively be combined and worn in multiple variations. We also offer coats, blazers, cardigans, pullovers and waistcoats. All you need to do is select a collection based on your corporate image, style needs and colour preferences. Plus, the more garments you include in your collection, the more opportunities there are to mix and match. Discover the magic of mix and match.

Build a Team Around One of Our Collections

IMAGEMAKERS’ timeless and age-appropriate office wear can go a long way in building your company image. With smart, everyday office wear your employees will not only feel great, but look elegant and professional as well. Our garments are designed to suit most body types, plus, with our large variety of styles, your employees can keep their identity while still looking like part of the team.

Your Options

Corporate Power Dressing for Men:

A man in a suit is a powerful thing. Take advantage of this by giving your male employees dashing office wear options. Garments are available in an array of colours, cuts and sizes and include:Long and short sleeve fitted shirts; standard, classic- cut or slim-fit trousers; waistcoats; pullovers; and blazers.
Corporate Power Dressing for Women:

Rule any corporate environment with confidence in professional, stylish office wear. With different styles, most body types are tastefully complemented. Garments:Fashionable blouses; three-quarter and full-leg pants; soft or form-fitting skirts; coats and cardigans; tailored jackets; and waistcoats.

Your New Wardrobe is an Order Away

We understand that time is important to you and finding the right office wear combination to match your corporate identity can feel like a big task. Now, with prearranged garments, you’re able to find what you’re looking for from the comfort of your desk.

We can also bring the shop to you. We offer personalised presentations and fittings in the privacy of your own office for 10 individuals or more. Looking this good has never been so easy and cost-effective!


All of our garments are manufactured for comfort, machine washable and made to last, with little to non ironing required.


We have so many decisions to make each day, it’s no wonder some people suffer from decision fatigue. If we could simplify our lives and eliminate some noise and clutter in our head, we could save energy for what’s really important.

Make Your Corporate Wardrobe Work for You!

With IMAGEMAKERS, your corporate clothing wardrobe is so much easier to manage. Our collections all consist of garments in various complementary colours and prints that you can mix and max for multiple looks. By having a few key pieces to create perfectly professional outfits every day, you’ll have more time each morning to spend as you please. PLUS: We specifically choose fabrics that can endure the rigorous strains of everyday working life. Simply wash, wear, repeat!

Why Mix & Match is Great

Building a mix and match wardrobe could help you get much more mileage out of your corporate clothing without having to continuously buy more and more garments to diversify your look. The secret is to use a few versatile pieces in multiple ways, making it a multipurpose purchase! Our mix and match guide shows you how purchasing key items can open the doors to several outfits. Looking neat and professional has never been so easy!

Our most popular staple garments include:

  • Pants: For a neutral appeal, choose a comfortable, form flattering pair with a full leg.
  • Shirts: A crisp collar says, ‘professional’. View long- and short-sleeved options.
  • Shirts: A crisp collar says, ‘professional’. View long- and short-sleeved options.
  • Skirt: Choose a cut that complements your body shape and add heels to elongate your look.

Use Accents to Mix Up Your Look

Women can diversify their look by adding a pop of the company’s colour with a necktie or scarf while men can add a colourful waistcoat or cardigan for a touch of character.

View Great Mix & Match Examples