Our Concept

Introducing a corporate team look into a company enhances the company’s brand image while simultaneously boosts morale.

How will corporate wear benefit your company?

1. Stand Out From The Crowd

Dressing as a team creates a distinction amongst your competitors and lends visibility to members of the public, and to customers.

2. Enhance Your Company Image

Wearing a corporate wardrobe, prohibits staff dressing inappropriately for the workplace.

3. Improves Customer Service

Uniformity and a united team, projects professional service, product confidence, and eager to serve your customers.

4. All For One And One For All

Employees wearing a corporate wardrobe, share a feeling of commonness and belonging. Looking and feeling like a team increases productivity and company morale.

5. We Offer Continuity

We offer continuity in fabric, colour and styles, so you can be assured of consistency of appearance for years to come. You can repeat orders for new staff members, irrespective of quantity.

How will corporate wear benefit me, the employee?

1. Save Money - The Company Pays!

Close your clothing accounts, as the company pays or contributes towards your corporate wardrobe.

2. Save Time

No more endless hours wasted in the morning, deciding what to wear.

3. Easy care

All our garments are easy care and machine washable, allowing you to wash and wear with little to no ironing required. It’s as easy as wash & go!

4. Dress for success

When you look good, you feel good. With so many style options to choose from, you can keep your own identity while looking like a member of the team.

How to ‘sell’ corporate wear to your management

1. Request quotations from Imagemakers, based on our mix and match suggestions.

This way, we can do the quotes in your preferred colour combinations.

2. List the advantages of investing in a corporate wardrobe tomanagement.

How the company, as well as the employees, benefit if they invest in a corporate wardrobe:
  • Creates a professional company image
  • Boost team morale
  • When employees look good, they feel good, and selling the product or service becomes easy
  • A corporate wardrobe frees the employees from a sense of inferiority, as all employees have the same look, no matter how much they earn
  • No need to enforce a dress code
  • Employees save time in the morning, as they do not have to worry about what to wear
  • A company contribution helps the employees save money

3. Introduce Our Mix & Match Suggestions To Management, by presenting them with the quotes Imagemakers did for you:

Use our Mix and Match wardrobe use as a guide.

4. Suggest The Following Payment Options

  • Ask your management to pay for the wardrobe as a staff benefit – first prize!
  • OR: Your company and employees each pay a part, with the employees paying the company back interest free via a salary deduction over an agreed time period
  • OR: The Company pays the full amount, with the employees paying the company back interest free via a salary deduction over an agreed time period (12, 18 or 24 months)