Using Corporate Uniforms to Drive Customer Engagement

Distinct Corporate Wear for Professional Businesses

25 January 2023

Imagemakers, a specialist company in the design and production of coordinated corporate wear collections, recently explored the concept of the brand impact of a corporate uniform in an effort to provide some insight into the power that corporate office wear for men and ladies has in driving customer engagement.

Why is Customer Engagement Important?

Customer engagement provides an emotional connection between the brand and the potential customer through various channels. This level of engagement determines the level of loyalty towards the brand and how frequently a customer will find value in the brand.

Customer Engagement:

• Improves the overall brand and customer experience • Increases customer loyalty • Increases customer trust • Can provide valuable insights into customer behaviour

A more effective customer engagement strategy will allow long-term business relationships to be established and more sales or deals to be closed.

How Can a Corporate Uniform Improve Customer Engagement?

Imagemakers advises that using corporate office wear to improve customer engagement should depend on the company’s specific objective and should work together with other internal marketing strategies.

When using a uniform as part of an engagement strategy, an important point to consider is to ensure consistency throughout all departments. Imagemaker’s "mix and match" corporate collection allow styles and colours to be used creatively and in line with the corporate brand - yet are versatile enough to be used comfortably to identify different company departments.

Uniformed staff are easily identifiable:

A corporate uniform immediately identifies an employee for customers so that issues and queries can be promptly addressed, improving customer service and driving short-term sales. Excellent customer service can transform the buying experience from ordinary to exceptional. The greater the customer's satisfaction, the higher the chance for repeat business.

Uniformed staff look professional and are motivated:

A professional uniform always ensures that employees look their best for customers and makes employees feel more motivated. This, in turn, improves productivity and customer service levels. In addition, customers pick up on these positive cues, which adds to their positive engagement with the brand.

Uniformed staff generate customer trust:

The feelings of credibility and confidence instilled in customers who interact with uniformed staff are a valuable contribution to customer engagement and after-sales company or business reviews - online or offline.

Designing a work uniform for an individual requirement can be challenging, expensive and time-consuming. Imagemakers have removed the hassles from doing this and allow companies to easily create their own stylish and coordinated office wear. Furthermore, they offer continuity of fabric, colours, and styles to ensure a consistent and professional look for many years to come.

The corporate wear collections from Imagemakers provide classic suiting options with a choice of blouses and shirt styles. Each stylish collection offers both men and women multiple variations of looks to retain their individuality and blend in as one professional team.

View Imagemaker’s digital catalogue online or scan through our mix and match office wear collection for some office uniform ideas.