The Perfect Corporate Wear Layering - Chique Choices For Winter

The finest corporate clothing layers for a wintry look

09 August 2021


Now that summer is over, don’t let winter fool you into thinking you have to shelve cute corporate outfits. Great style, even in the depths of winter, is possible if you slightly adjust your creativity and your thinking. Here are a few layer-friendly tips that will help you look cute and cosy with the perfect corporate winter wear from Imagemakers.

Don’t be afraid to pile on the layers. This is a massively practical and popular way of dressing when those temperatures drop. A blouse, under a sweater, under a jacket, under a coat, will not only keep you warm, but will look utterly fabulous and sophisticated. This combo naturally reaches for a black, grey or navy palette and we believe that If you start with one colour, keep it within that family colour view our range of colours here. That said, including a pop of brightness could add some wonderful intrigue; think scarves, cloves, belts, handbags or even a beret.

Have fun with mixed and matched prints available. Mixing up prints in different scales adds an edge to any outfit. Alternatively, it can be the same scale but different or inverted colors. For those fashion daredevils, we suggest using scales of stripes and checks or plaids and polka dots for extra brrrilliance. Just remember, when mixing prints and patterns, keep at least one feature the same, like colours and tone, this ensures a considered and confident look. Layer light with heavy. Have fun with textural changes when mixing something light with something heavy like cashmere and silk. Steer clear of wearing bulky and heavy together. Staying warm is not directly proportional to the thickness of your clothes. Several layers of knits, plus a neck-warming scarf, can be as cosy as a chunky knit.

Sophisticated accessories are key for both the ideal ladies corporate wear as well as men. Great winter style really revolves around investing in a great pair of boots. From over the knee, flat, heel, wedge, pointed toe, ankle, etc., there is a boot to go with every outfit style. Try something new this winter by tucking your pants into a sleek pair of boots. Belting your coats. Add some life to your everyday coat by simply belting it. Apply this trick to a chunky sweater or cardigan and it will make it seem like you have a brand new outfit. Scarves to the rescue. A scarf is a vital finishing touch and it can be worn and layered in so many ways. From neck warmer, beanie, cape, to a makeshift rain jacket, this item is a winter essential.

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