Mix and Match Your Corporate Clothing Wardrobe

Building a mix and match wardrobe could help you get much more mileage out of your corporate clothing.

28 July 2022

Life is busy and generally you have to make quick decisions to keep on top of things. Having the right business attire helps you put your best foot forward throughout the day. And it shouldn’t require lots of time and decision making.

Getting dressed in the morning could be as easy as opening your cupboard and choosing what you feel like wearing. Knowing that while you do this, whatever you decide, will be a perfect combination of professionalism, comfort and looking great.

How to get a Perfectly Coordinated Corporate Wear Wardrobe

A ladies capsule wardrobe is one that is made up of items which complement each other and are interchangeable. It means having a purposefully chosen, limited number of clothing items. Which still gives you many businesses wear options to choose from.

Building a mix and match wardrobe will help you get much more mileage out of your corporate clothing. While at the same time not requiring you to continuously buy more and more garments to diversify your look. It’s a savvy way of investing in quality basics and adding complimentary pieces, thereby working your closet to the max. The secret is strategic versatility.

It’s important to feel good in what you wear. Therefore, ladies, work clothes must fit well. Thus, another important aspect of having a well-coordinated and versatile ladies work wardrobe, is correct sizing. If you’re not sure how something could fit, then a size-guide will get you going in the right direction. They are designed to help you match items from a range to a flattering fit.

Multipurpose Purchases

To make life easy, look for an existing range. Specifically, one that’s designed with a capsule mix and match wardrobe in mind. This way you’ll know before you start choosing that the variety of cuts, styles, colours and fabrics are all coordinated.

Often a catalogue will include examples of a mix and match wardrobe. Where 5 pieces can give you eight options. Seven items give you a selection of eighteen variations and 9 garments provide you with 33 different choices. Approaching things like this will ensure that you get the most out of every item you purchase.

4 Staple Ladies Work Wear Garments

  1. Trousers: For a neutral appeal, opt for a comfortable, form flattering pair with a full leg.
  2. Skirts: These can add a feminine flair to your ladies’ workwear wardrobe. Look specifically for cuts that compliment your body shape. If you want to elongate your look then pair your skirt with heels.
  3. Shirts: A crisp collar shouts “professional”. By having both long and short sleeve blouse and shirt options, you both season ready and increase your combination possibilities.
  4. Jackets: When you need to dress up, a well-tailored blazer effortlessly takes you from casual to corporate.

Accentuate Your Look

Corporate clothing often comes off as neutral and plain. Sometimes even regimented. Using a mix and match guide, enables you to keep to company dress requirements, while adding personality to your look. For example, think about adding a pop of colour to your ladies’ business attire wardrobe using a necktie or scarf.