How to Select the Correct Men's and Ladies Uniform Size

Ensuring stylish and well-fitted corporate wear.

25 May 2022

Imagemakers, a specialist in the design and production of coordinated corporate wear in Southern Africa, is passionate about offering stylish, timeless, and functional corporate wear that empowers businesses and employees.

Among the many benefits of a corporate uniform, your employees' appearance in the corporate workplace often reflects your company's values, work ethic, integrity, and even accountability. Therefore, it is essential that, when it comes to deciding what style of uniform to purchase, you also ensure each uniform fits your employees properly. This will provide a professional and well-fitted look throughout your team.

Imagemakers has curated a wide range of corporate wear collections for companies to choose from. The complementary garments in each collection consist of matching colours and prints and are all easy-wear and easy-care for optimal comfort and convenience.

Each range offers garments for men and women. This includes suits, shirts, as well as blouses, skirts, and dresses for women, which can be combined and worn in several styles. We also offer coats, blazers, cardigans, pullovers, and waistcoats. All you are required to do is select a collection based on your corporate image, style needs and colour preferences. The more garments you include in your collection, the more opportunities for employees to mix and match their outfits.

Choosing the Correct Corporate Uniform Style

We understand that men and women are built differently and have different expectations regarding the fit of their clothing.

Our range of ladies' corporate wear is available in three types of fits.

  • Fitted Style Uniform for Women - These styles are shaped to the body's contours and are particularly fitted.
  • Classic Style Uniform for Women - The classic fit has a tailored shape that sits lightly on the body, giving shape without being too fitted. This fit is suitable for most body types.
  • Relaxed Style Uniform for Women - The relaxed fit allows the body more movement. It is more suitable for the fuller figure.

Our range of men’s corporate wear is available in two types of fits.

  • Fitted Style Uniform for Men - This style is suited to the slimmer figure and is tapered through the shoulders, chest, and waist. The corporate wear trousers for men in the fitted style are straight through the leg.
  • Classic Style Uniform for Men - The classic fit for men's corporate wear is suitable for the medium figure. It has a loose straight shape with pleats in the front of the pants to allow more movement.

Choosing the Correct Corporate Uniform Size

At Imagemakers, we design clothes to suit most body types so that your employees can find their perfect fit. Apart from the different styles for men and women's corporate wear, you will also need to take different measurements. All measurements should be taken while the person is standing in a relaxed position.

We have provided a handy uniform sizing guide for men and women on our website to assist companies in selecting the correct fit.

How to Measure a Lady for Corporate Wear

  • Bust Measurement - Measure over the biggest part of the bust.
  • Hip Measurement – Measure over the biggest part of the bottom or thighs.

How to Measure a Man for Corporate Wear

  • Neck Measurement - Measure around the collar level.
  • Chest Measurement – Measure over the largest part of the chest.
  • Hip Measurement – Measure over the biggest part of the bottom or thighs.

All garments are manufactured to order and dispatched within eight weeks from the date of confirmation of your order.

Please view our online corporate uniform catalogue here or request a delivery of a full-colour corporate wear catalogue from us. Should you require further information, please get in touch with us at