How to Select the Corporate Wear That Your Team will Love

Corporate uniforms that reflect individual style

30 November 2022


A corporate uniform undeniably creates a professional image from its introduction. If your company is planning to purchase corporate wear for its employees, it may cause some apprehension on their part and could even result in some intense resistance. However, there are some steps that your company can take to overcome an initial resistance to change - especially if the company has never had any previous form of branded clothing.

Overcoming Resistance to a Corporate Wear Policy

Initially, you may need to get the employees used to the idea of wearing the company brand by introducing a branded raincoat, body warmer or fleece. These items are usually very well accepted and can be worn at home or work.

Employees can also gradually be introduced to the idea that the company is going through a branding exercise with all the benefits of corporate clothing explained to them.

The next step would involve complete transparency in your communication throughout the company to explain why the company has decided to implement a corporate uniform and open up the floor to further discussion and questions.

Be prepared to answer questions such as;

  • Will we have to wear a work uniform every day?
  • Why do we need a uniform policy?
  • Will the management and executives also have to wear a uniform?
  • Will we have to pay for the uniform?
  • Will the uniform be comfortable?

Once you have explained the reasons for implementing corporate wear for men and women and addressed all the questions, you can explain what the uniform policy will be and the costs involved. At this stage, it may be helpful to have some samples at hand for employees to view.

Let Your Employees Style Their Corporate Wear

In line with the company brand, allowing employees to choose from a range of styles within a specified colour palette supports the idea that they can retain their individuality and choose from colours they feel comfortable wearing.

Remember that body shapes vary greatly, and age also impacts the style of clothing that individuals feel comfortable wearing. One of the main objectives, when introducing a corporate uniform, is to have your staff feeling great about themselves, which will translate into outward confidence. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a corporate clothing company that can consistently supply a variety of styles and colours.

Imagemakers is a corporate clothing manufacturer in Cape Town that supplies a range of mix and match corporate styles within your company’s chosen colour scheme. We have a variety of corporate wear styles to suit every age and figure. In addition, our collections are easy to wash and wear, with minimal ironing required. Just five corporate garments will provide an employee with eight outfits, and nine garments will provide 33 outfits. Creativity is the only limitation!

Imagemakers offer personalised presentations, fittings and samples with swatch cards at your office. We will even put together a customised catalogue showing only the selected uniform styles and colours for your company.

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