How to Get your Company to Pay for your Officewear

Want to revamp your company's officewear? It starts with talking to your colleagues and showing them the Imagemakers Corporate Wear Catalogue.

18 August 2023

Here's a Step-By-Step Approach to Get Things Started

Step 1: Initiate the process by requesting quotes from Imagemakers.

Have a look at our Mix ‘n Match suggestions within the catalogue and let us know what you prefer. We will then send you quotes based on YOUR preferred curated colour combinations.

Step 2: Highlight the advantages that come with investing in a officewear wardrobe to the management.

This is how your company, as well as its employees, will benefit by investing in officewear:
  • Cultivate a professional and cohesive company image.
  • Foster a sense of team spirit among employees.
  • Free employees from the burden of feeling inferior in their appearance among co-workers.
  • Elevate employees' confidence, leading to improved performance!

Since all employees will have the same polished appearance, there will be no need to enforce a strict dress code. Additionally, it frees employees from a sense of inferiority amongst co-workers. This not only saves time for employees during mornings, but also helps them save money through a company contribution.

Step 3: Introduce the curated Mix & Match suggestions to your management, along with the quotes received from Imagemakers.

By presenting your management with the quotes Imagemakers sent you, they will be amazed to see that with just 5 garments, you can create 8 unique outfits. Likewise, with 7 garments- you get 18 outfits, and with 9 garments, a whopping 34 outfits can be achieved!

Step 4: Lastly, suggest the following payment options to management.

Option 1: The Company Covers All Expenses!

Go for Gold! Ask your management to pay for the wardrobe as a staff benefit! Send your proposal and the Imagemakers Quotations you’ve received to key role players such as the Head of Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and even your Managing Director or CEO.

Option 2: The Company and Employees Share the Cost of their New Officewear!

Alternatively, propose a cost-sharing approach where both the company and employees contribute, and the employees can repay the company interest-free through salary deductions over an agreed time period.

Option 3: The Company Offers Interest-Free Payment Facilitation.

Lastly, offer an option where the company pays the full amount, and the employees can reimburse the company interest-free through salary deductions over a predetermined period of 12, 18, or 24 months.

By implementing this officewear wardrobe concept, your company can elevate its professional image, boost team morale, and contribute to the overall well-being and productivity of employees. Let's embark on this journey together to create a more cohesive and successful workplace!