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The Power of a Corporate Uniform

26 January 2022

A corporate uniform is a valuable tool for companies to elevate and improve their brand awareness and perception.

Impact of Brand Awareness and Brand Perception

To understand how to do this effectively, it is important to differentiate between brand awareness and brand perception. Brand awareness denotes the extent to which the target audience is familiar with and remembers the relevant brand. On the other hand, brand perception is what the target audience believes about the brand - and not what the company tells them about it. So, while brand awareness can be raised, brand perception comes from reputation, reviews, recommendations, functionality, and customer experience both in-person and online.

Using Office Wear to Make a Statement

Companies have an ideal opportunity to use corporate office wear to heighten brand awareness strategically. A company uniform for ladies and men displays consistency. It also improves employee confidence, which in turn has a positive impact on brand recognition.

A corporate uniform provides consistency mainly through its logo and colours but can also be designed according to where a customer interacts with the brand. Imagemakers, corporate wear suppliers, enable companies to build a team around one of their corporate wear collections. These collections combine classic suiting with blouses and shirts. Each stylish collection offers multiple variations – for men and women – in matching colours and prints.

Customer Touchpoints - How Corporate Wear Can Be Used Effectively

Examples of different uniforms at various customer touchpoints could include anything from less formal styles for employees at a call centre (who only interact with clients over the phone) to more formal suits for employees with face-to-face customer contact, such as sales and marketing or on the Executive Team.

It is also essential to select the corporate wear that your team will love, so getting stakeholder buy-in before implementing a corporate clothing policy is always a good idea.

Imagemakers’ main goal and passion are to offer timeless yet stylish and functional corporate wear to empower businesses and employees. They have also made the selection and ordering process as seamless as possible to make it easier to choose and receive workwear that will provide consistency and brand familiarity yet differentiate between departments.

In conclusion, if implemented correctly, a uniform can play a vital role in helping companies achieve brand recognition and improve brand perception.

Partnering with an experienced provider of corporate workwear, such as Imagemakers, is beneficial because their professional team will guide your company through the entire process.

Imagemakers offer; • Personalised workwear presentations to get buy-in from your employees • On-site corporate uniform fittings

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