Corporate Wear – Also Necessary Winter Accessories

Your accessory formal wear survival kit for winter! Get the right corporate wear for winter from Imagemakers.

02 August 2021

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Don't let your winter wardrobe take a turn for the dark, cozy and somber feelings Mr. Winter evoke. Sacrificing style for warmth is an easy trap to fall into, but we've found a corporate wear accessory survival kit that will save your winter wardrobe from a near-death-temperature-dropping experience.

A one-colour ensemble is often our go-to choice when temps start plummeting. Why not liven up these monochrome wintertime combinations by adding a pop of colour with a pair gloves or a beret. Discover instant sophistication when sliding on a pair of leather or suede gloves. When topping off your outfit with a quirky beret, we suggest that it should be the cherry on top, literally. The berry palette is a great colour to add a little romance to your outfit. Fashion's current fixation is the choker - a 90s trend made popular by The Spice Girls and Kate Moss - and we were pleasantly surprised to see this throwback accessory make a comeback. That said, super-short necklaces these days are nothing like those of yesteryear. It now varies from bold statement pieces, dainty embellished wraparounds, beaded necklaces, geometric shapes and chunky chains to luxe diamante and pearl chokers. Whatever this winter’s corporate clothing preferences are, this accessory got you covered. For the best corporate wear for winter, we suggest wearing your choker over your coat, blouse or jersey. This unexpected sense of creativity adds a dash of panache to any outfit; a world where glam meets fab.

Another perfect autumn accessory is the scarf and this season we are all about the pattern, the length and the knit. How exactly? The busier the better; think bold colours and bold prints. The longer the better; this makes for interesting wraparound manoeuvres. The chunkier the better; because coziness trumps any dreary temperature. The scarf is the staple accessory for any winter outfit and adds a touch of joy to any combination of garments. This season’s colour to ward off winter’s grip seems to be gold, gold and gold.

This futuristic and sophisticated colour was best seen trending on the must-have accessory: The Brooch, adding interest to collars, jerseys, dresses and jackets of all types.

Here are five tips when accessorising your winter corporate wear:

  • Each piece must add value to your (entire) outfit.

  • It must be proportional to your body frame and facial features.

  • It should complement your skin tone as well as your outfit.

  • It must be occasion and outfit appropriate.

  • And each piece must be versatile.

accessorising your outfit creates depth and interest that magically elevates any ensemble. Winter is the perfect season to let your decorative spirit flourish, just remember: find the perfect balance between over accessorising and under accessorising and once you’ve mastered that, your outfits become the canvas.

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