Considerations Before Selecting a Suitable Corporate Uniform

Practical Uniforms with Style

27 April 2022

As discussed in some of our previous articles, there are many benefits to implementing a corporate uniform for your staff. However, the process can be quite daunting initially. Fortunately, Imagemakers, a supplier and manufacturer of corporate clothing for nearly 40 years, has the experience and consultants to assist you with this decision.

While it is important to select corporate wear that your team will love, you will first need to establish certain factors before choosing a style of corporate wear for your company. These factors include an analysis and assessment of both your business and industry.

Why are you Considering Implementing a Corporate Uniform?

You may be considering opting for a corporate unform to polish up your company image and gain a foothold above your competitors. For example, perhaps your HR department has experienced complaints about some employees’ sense of office workwear, or customers have seemed confused about who your staff are when they enter your premises.

In either case, you will need to establish if depending on your specific industry, your employees will require a formal, highly professional look or if they need to be move approachable through using a less formal style of corporate wear.

At Imagemakers, we have a variety of complementary styles in our corporate wear collections for men and women. These professional office wear collections cater for both formal and less formal uniform requirements. Our coordinated pieces provide many options for men and women by offering, for example, a set of trousers, skirts and jackets in one colour, with a range of shirts and blouses to choose from in complementary brand colours.

Consider the Practicality of a Uniform

Employees also perform different roles under different conditions. Therefore, it is essential to understand their positions at all levels to ensure that the chosen uniform is suitable and comfortable for them to carry out their tasks while wearing the uniform. This will increase your chances of obtaining employee buy-in.

The Importance of a Correctly Fitted Uniform

A well-fitting uniform affects employees’ confidence positively, and our corporate office wear is manufactured in line with international sizing standards. As all our garments are electronically cut, and no pattern adjustments can be made, employees’ measurements must be accurate. However, we do offer optional extra length items, where necessary.

Ensure That Your Uniform is Backed by a Guarantee

There is nothing more frustrating than a poorly finished garment or fabric that has a flow. Imagemakers accepts all goods returned to us within 21 days for assessment if there is a factory fault. If the claim is valid, we will either repair or replace the items as soon as possible and free of charge.

Selecting Suitable Office Wear for the Correct Season

All our garments and fabrics have been designed to suit different climates and seasons, and they are easy to care for, with a care instruction label inside each garment. Our coordinated warm and cool looks can be viewed in our online catalogue or by ordering your free catalogue from us, which will be delivered directly to your door.