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It is important for us to offer our customers a choice of style and/or colour. Due to our vast selection of styles, colours and sizes, all garments are manufactured to order.

Individuals can order in their private capacity, however payment is required before manufacturing starts. Please bear in mind that a minimum delivery charge will be added to your order, depending on where you are situated.

Our head office and factory is situated in Cape Town, but because of our full colour catalogue, fitting teams and appro services, we sell throughout Africa. We have an office in Gauteng, with active consultants working in the Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and North West districts, however all sales are coordinated from head office in Cape Town.

Our garments are designed to suit most men and women and are manufactured to international size standards. Use our size chart on page 176 to determine your size.

Yes, fabric swatches can be posted to you on request, free of charge.

As a starter guide we have put together 3 package option pages 10 to 21, showing you how many garments to buy and the available combinations possible. Remember this is just a guide and you can select the styles and colours that suit you best.

Ask your management for the company to pay for the wardrobe as a staff benefit – first prize!

OR Your company and employees each pay a part, with the employees paying the company back interest free via a salary deduction over an agreed time period.

OR Your company pays the full amount and the individual staff member repays the company over an agreed time period (12, 18, or 24 months), interest free.

Yes, you can exchange garments, however please see our exchange policy on our website for finer details.

Should there be a factory fault, the goods must be returned to us within 21 days. We will assess the claim and if it is found to be valid, the item will be repaired or replaced as soon as possible, free of charge.

We do not offer this service as from experience employees prefer name badges giving them flexibility in the use of their corporate wear after hours.

All our fabrics are especially designed and imported exclusively for Imagemakers, Imagemakers can only supply the exact styles and colours presented on this website. Please click on our Style Guide above.

To maintain service levels and quality, Imagemakers does not sell through or make use of any agents or third parties. If you do not buy directly from Imagemakers, quality and service cannot be guaranteed.

FOR SOUTH AFRICAN BASED COMPANIES: After manufacturing, full payment is to be made before Imagemakers can despatch your order. For orders over a certain value, a 50% deposit is payable on placing the order, and 50% is payable after manufacturing, before Imagemakers can despatch your order. Please refer to our price list for order values requiring deposits.

FOR NON SOUTH AFRICAN BASED COMPANIES: 50% deposit is payable on placing the order, and 50% is payable after manufacturing, before Imagemakers can despatch your order.

We make it easy for you to hand out the ordered garments.Each individual’s order is packed in an Imagemakers garment bag with a copy of their invoice. Each garment has it’s own hanger and protected by a plastic cover. All individual bags are paced in a box and shipped via a courier, door to door. The box is addressed to the contact person, at your company.

We have designed the range to suit both the winter and summer seasons. You will see well co-ordinated warm and cool looks throughout this catalogue.

Our garments and fabrics are selected to suit different climates and seasons. All our garments are easy care. Provided that you follow the garment care instructions on the label inside each garment and purchase sufficient garments to avoid excess wear of anyone piece, your Imagemakers wardrobe should provide lasting satisfaction. We cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by mishandling or failure to follow garment care instructions provided.

All garments are manufactured to order and dispatched within about 8 weeks from date of confirmation of your order, we require:

  • Your signed order confirmation which will be part of the captured order we will send you
  • a copy of your company purchase order, or
  • your online confirmation with a company purchase order

If your company does not use purchase orders, that’s okay too, just let us know.

Please note our delivery period of 8 weeks is an estimate.

Delivery could be longer or shorter, however you will be notified by us on placing your orders.

All orders are put into a queue, by order date. Approximately every two weeks all confirmed orders are accumulated and added to a production run. Such a production run will include 40 styles, and a total of 55 colours. Manufacturing is done by style, and a order can only be packed and dispatched once all the styles in your order have been completed. Orders could take longer depending on the size of the queue.

Our garments are manufactured in line with international size standards. Please ensure that you measure yourself properly and order the correct sizes using your measurements. We do not make garments to individual measurements and therefore cannot carry out any alterations. All our garments are electronically cut and no pattern adjustments can be made.


There is no minimum order quantity. You can order any style, colour, size and quantity you like, provided the garments are shown in the catalogue. However bear in mind that a minimum delivery charge will be added to your order, depending on where you are situated.