Email & E-Document Links

We're modernising our systems and making improvements to benefit you, our valued customer. Instead of sending quotes, orders, and proforma invoices as PDF attachments, we're providing you with a link to an E-Document page on our new Imagemakers Portal.
When printing an E-Document, you'll have the option to print optional extras such as a signature page or style summary.
You'll also be able to confirm your order from the E-Document page.
When you receive an email from us about your order, click the link in the email to view the E-Document. The button will read "View Order" or "View Quotation" depending on which it is.
If you have trouble viewing the E-Documents, we've included important information below for your IT department to assist you.

IT Department

Guide to unblock the Imagemakers Portal

The Imagemakers Portal is a web-based system and is hosted on the domain portal.imagemakers.co.za.
Transactional emails are sent to our customers from the sales consultant's email address ending in @imagemakers.co.za and will include external links to E-Document pages on any of the domains listed below. E-Document are simply web pages hosted on the Imagemakers Portal.
Our customers will require web access to *.imagemakers.co.za or specifically the following subdomains in order to use the Portal:
If your company has a policy to limit internet access for staff, then access to the above domains will need to be allowed.
The Imagemakers Portal is secured with SSL and all URLs use https for transport.
If your staff uses Internet Explorer, then they may have trouble initially loading an E-Document. Simply refreshing the page may resolve this.